Lift-a-Thon Next Week! Please Consider Sponsoring our Rockets!

2015 Lift-A-Thon Form


Dear RP Parents, the Reeths-Puffer High School Football Program is sponsoring its 4th annual LIFT-A-THON to emphasize the importance of our off-season workouts and to provide support for our program moving forward.

  •  Each player will perform three core exercises, the squat, bench, and sled push or dead lift. We will take the player’s combined score to get his final weight.
  •  Each player will get $.01 / $.05 / $ .10 / $.25 / etc, donations per pound (flat donations are also acceptable). The amount of your pledge will be the result of the players combined squat, bench, and dead lift scores (Ex. $.01 donation for 200 lb. squat, 100 lb. bench, 200 lb. dead lift, results in 500 lbs. = $5.00).
  •  We are asking each player to get a minimum pledge total of $50. This season, the money raised will go towards upgrades in stadium aesthetics as well as improvements in football equipment to ensure our players’ safety.

Dates: Monday, March 30th thru Thursday, April 2nd in the 6th Hour Football Class.