Updated List of Area Combines (click photo)

Updated List of Area Combines

Interested in playing college football? Periodically check the “recruiting” tab at the top of the home page to see a list of all the area combines and exposure camps near you. This applies to freshman through varsity and divisions one to three.

The next one is hosted by the Lake Michigan Football report in Traverse City on May 9th.

Reading Month Brings R-P Football Players into Elementary Classrooms

The Varsity Football team paid a visit to Reeths-Puffer elementary classrooms last Friday in what has become an annual tradition during the month of March. Central Elementary, RPEL, and Twin Lake Elementary all participated in welcoming the Varsity players to read to their young Rockets and to get to know the future of Rocket City.

Subsequent Q/A sessions brought plenty of laughs between Rockets young and old in addition to some great stories. Not the least of which was one that took place in the classroom of Mari Rice, a fourth grade teacher at Twin Lake Elementary, when an unlikely source dropped some surprising wisdom on senior, Buck Tottingham. After being asked by the youngster what he scored on his ACT, Buck promptly replied, “25″. Evidently already enamored by Buck by this time, the youngster was so inspired by the fact that this was two points higher than the district goal of “23″, that he swore he would do the same. Buck would later say that he quietly told the youngster “to do better”.

Buck’s story wasn’t the only one that made waves during the players’ stay. The day was full of prideful interactions that would make any R-P alum smile. At Central Elementary, this was on visual display at recess time when a seemingly harmless football game transitioned to the Varsity players being tackled head-to-toe by what seemed like grades two through four. Hilarity ensued as Stephen Hanson, Corey Plichta, Matt Hoover, and Brandon Mullen fended off the youngsters the best they could but to no avail.

Special thanks go out to Laura Veihl, Kelly Griswold, Tracey Hanson, Amy Ross, Stephanie Cooper, Tamlin Garibay, Mari Rice, Shawn Garza, Barb Miller, Pam Turner, and Paul Klimsza for welcoming us into your buildings and classrooms and making this day possible. Go Rockets!

Check out these photos from our stay!


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Upcoming Football Combines

Attention all Reeths-Puffer Football players, the Lake Michigan Football Report and the All-Recruits Football Showcase have combines coming up in Grand Rapids on March 16 and 20th respectively. For more information check out our “Recruiting/combines” tab above. 


Football Players Lend a Hand at RPEL Carnival


Reeths-Puffer Football players volunteered their time last Friday night at Reeths-Puffer’s annual Carnival held at R-P Elementary. The Carnival, sponsored by the R-P PTO, offered games, prizes, concessions, and plenty of fun for Rockets of all ages. Noted one sophomore Rocket, “It’s always great to be able to help out when the future of Rocket City is involved. I love being able to go back and see my old teachers and remember what it was like back then.” What a great evening it was for Rocket City.

2014 RP Lift-A-Thon to take Place March 17 & 18

ImageReeths-Puffer Football Program’s 3rd Annual Lift-a-Thon will take place on March 17th and 18th during the Football Strength and Conditioning classes. Players will be urged to raise a minimum of $40 by getting donations per pound that they lift in three core exercises: Bench Press, Squat, and Dead Lift. 

For example, each player will get $.01 / $.05 / $ .10 / $.25 / etc., donations per pound (flat donations are also acceptable).  The sum total amount of each pledge will be the result of the players combined squat, bench, and dead lift scores (Ex. $.01 donation for 200 lb. squat, 100 lb. bench, 200 lb. dead lift, results in 500 lbs. = $5.00).

This money raised will go towards the costs of our off-season summer camps, needed practice equipment, and 7 on 7 passing tournament entry fees this summer. We certainly appreciate all the help you can offer!